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Send a Brick to Trump


Here it is. The most satisfying response to Trump's campaign to send FAKE bricks to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. You read that right, he’s conning people into donating to his election campaign by offering to send bricks, but they’re not even real. Sad!

But YOU can send a REAL brick to Donald Trump – or anyone else – right now. It’s easy, cathartic and sends a REAL message.

Brick the White House. Brick Trump. Brick Mitch McConnell. Brick Mike Pence.

Bonus: $1 from every brick sold will be donated to the organization you choose (ie: ACLU). An extra special jab at the MAGA gang.

Cathartic? Oh yeah, because we include YOUR custom message right on the brick!

And if you want something drawn on it (ie: a turtle for Mitch; a rainbow flag for Mike…), let us know in the special requests area.

Did you notice that USPS Priority Mail Shipping is FREE? It is. Thankfully, the post office isn't part of this government shutdown.

You can also add a Patriotic American card with your message hand-written inside. Perfect for giving someone a piece of your mind…

Anonymously Shipped or Take Credit – Your choice!

Note: We can only ship to U.S. and APO addresses only. Messages cannot be threatening.

Brick Color

Custom Brick Message

Your custom message to be written on the brick. Limited to 50 characters.

Special Requests?

Would you like something special drawn on the brick? Maybe an American Flag, Rainbow, Turtle or an emoji? Let us know.

Add a Patriotic Card?

Would you like us to include a Patriotic American Card with the brick that includes your personal message? If so, add your message here. Nothing threatening please.

Who is this going to?

If you want to send a brick to one of the people we have offered below, then select it here so you don’t have to go digging for the address. Then just put your own address as the shipping address during checkout and we’ll make sure it gets to the right person and place. If you have someone else you want to send a brick to, then just enter their shipping address when you’re checking out.

Sticker it Up?

Want us to add stickers to the outside of the package for added impact when it arrives? If so, choose one or more from below and it will be an eye-catching delivery.

Would you like us to send $1 from this order to one of these organizations?

If you choose an organization below, we will donate $1 from this order to that organization.

Anonymous or Not?

Our standard practice is to use our private return address without any mention of you or us on the package – it’s anonymous. But you can also choose to take credit on the package so they know it’s from you.