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Real Fall Leaves


The fall foliage is amazing this year! Order now – USPS Priority Mail shipping is FREE.

Maybe you live in an area where you don't get to experience the look, feel and smell of genuine fall leaves from the Northeast.

Maybe you do but you want someone who doesn't have the chance to see it get an up close look.

This is your chance, but it's only available in limited quantities, for a limited time.

We select the nicest leaves during their peak and ship them in a USPS Priority Mail envelope to any US mailing address (free).

Is this a gift? If so, we can include your personal message, hand-written on a nice, autumn-themed note card.

If you want to experience, or relive the experience, of fall leaves, then this is for you. Put some leaves in a bowl in your living room. Fill a glass vase and use as a centerpiece… or use for craft projects (wax them with the kids!).

Our fall leaf collection comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 to 10-inches.

These fresh Autumn leaves will retain their color and can be stored for future use after pressing (a fun activity for the entire family).

Colors in our mix include golds, yellows, bronzes, brick red, burnt orange, purples, greens, browns and more.

Just leave it to us to send you an beautiful variety of colors and sizes.

Fall weddings create a huge demand for our fall leaves, so order fast while supplies last.


Craft projects
Press leaves with the kids!
Table decorations for the holidays
Weddings – throw instead of rice!
Send in a card for the holidays

Our leaves are 100% natural, fresh and pesticide free. They are only loosely pressed for shipping and are not waxed or treated in any way.

Varieties include maples, oak, apple, plum, October sunrise and more.

Note: All varieties sold out except for October sunrise, which is a brilliant, beautiful red.

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