Funky Delivery - Make it a Day They Will Never Forget
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All of our products are personalized to order. Hand-written cards, colorful decorations, fun options and special requests are always welcome! Send a Funky Delivery and see what all the excitement is about.
The Most Memorable Thing You Will Do This Year

Made in the USA

Every order is carefully prepared in the U.S.A. and delivered from a U.S. postal address. Very cool for International orders!

Fast Shipping

We're not fooling around here. Well, we are fooling around, but we're also getting orders shipped fast. Usually same day or within a business day.

Safe & Easy

It's safe and easy to order from our website and all transactions are processed by PayPal, which means it's guaranteed safe and you can use lots of payment methods.

Talk of the Town

Funky deliveries are memorable. Your delivery will be noticed and talked about by anyone that sees it opened or is told about it.