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Sweet Potato Gram


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Sweet on someone? Send them a sweet potato gram!

Want to brighten up someone’s day? Send a sweet potato gram.

This is a fun twist on our popular Potato Gram and, let’s face it, just about everyone loves sweet potatoes. They’re the sweet potato of the potato world. Literally.

How it Works

Photo: You're So Sweet - Sweet Potato Gram
You’re so sweet!

We pick a real, fresh, U.S. grown sweet potato and hand-write your personal message on it.

We wrap it in gift tissue wrap paper and send it, anonymously, anywhere in the U.S. The only way they will know it’s from you when they open it is if you include it in your message or card.

Want them to know it’s from you right away? No prob, just choose that option below and your address is used as the return address.

Our Sweet Potato Gram is fun and a guaranteed attention getter.  It’s the most memorable thing they’ll get all year. Seriously, they will never forget getting this in the mail.

Message Suggestions:

I yam so proud of you!
You are so sweet.
You’re as sweet as this potato!
This is sweet and so are you.
I yam in luv with you.
I have officially given you a gift…
Happy Thanksgiving
How sweet it is to be loved by you.
I’m sweet on you.
You Got Glitter Yammed!
Sweet Potato! That’s a lot of Glitter!
I think you’re Yam-tastic.

*Note: This item ships to U.S. Destinations only. Item may contain branding message (ie: small flyer). Let us know if you want this removed.

Custom Sweet Potato Message *

What message do you want written on the sweet potato?

Add a Card?

Add a nice note card, a 5×7 greeting card, or an official Glitter Bomb Card rigged with colorful glitter that pops out when opened (normally $9.50). Cards will include your message hand-written inside.

Message for Card

If you’re adding a card to your awesome sweet potato, then add your message here.

Special Requests?

Have something special you would like us to do to your sweet potato or card? Draw a heart, smiley or something? Just let us know right here!

Glitter Packaging?

Do you want us to wrap your custom sweet potato in premium gift wrap along with a bunch of sparkling glitter so that it creates a colorful mess when opened? If so, choose this option. You can also opt for the easier to clean up glitter.

More fun add-ons

Choose some of these fun additions to your Funky Delivery! These items can be added to the package or inside the card (whichever is most appropriate for the item).

Ship Anonymously or Not?

If you choose to ship it anonymously, we will use one of our unlisted U.S. mailing addresses. We will not include any information about you inside or outside the package. It’s a mystery!

Priority Mail Shipping Upgrade

Upgrade to USPS Priority Mail Shipping (Estimated 1-3 day delivery). US destinations only.