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Sweet Potato Bouquet


Looking for something a little different than our hugely popular potato bouquet? Then kick it up a notch with a Sweet Potato Bouquet!

Especially perfect for fall gift giving and holiday cheer – but good anytime of the year! They will NEVER forget the day they got a Sweet Potato Bouquet.

One of the most memorable things someone can get in the mail – and you can be the one to send it.

Your personal messages are hand-written on a bunch of beautiful sweet potatoes, colorfully packaged and sent along with a nice card to your sweetheart, friend or family member.

Great as a romantic gift, a get well gift, birthday surprise, thank you, to welcome Thanksgiving – or just to let someone know you're thinking about them.

Roses shmozes… send potatoes! And in this case, send sweet potatoes.

This will be talked about for a long, long time. Send it around a holiday or birthday and you'll probably hear about it every year!

How does the Sweet Potato Bouquet work?

We pick out the nicest, freshest U.S. grown sweet potatoes (currently from the great state of North Carolina) and hand-write your message on each potato using a non-toxic marker.

We wrap them all up together in colorful gift tissue paper.

We include a premium quality note card (in an envelope) along with your personal message hand-written inside the card.

We send it out fast via USPS Priority mail (1-3 day delivery time) and U.S. shipping is FREE (ships to U.S. addresses only).

It's a FUN and guaranteed attention getter. Definitely something to make someone feel special.

Here are some popular messages to write on each potato:


I love you; U R so sweet!; Luv You :); You + Me = Happy; Be mine; U R So Cute; XO XO XO; Real Love; True Love; Hug Me; Sure Love; Be True; My Girl; Let's Kiss; Too Cute; Je t'aime; Let's Dance; Cutie; My Baby; Dear One; Only You; Amore; You & Me; One I Love; It's Love; You're Yam-Tastic; XOXOXO; I only have eyes for you; You look smashing; Glaze Me; Roses Shmozes, You Got Sweet Potatoes!; Sweet Heart; You're as sweet as this potato; Orange you glad we met?

Get well: Get Better, Feel Better, Thinking of You, Cheer Up, Hang in There, You Can Do It, Chin Up, Get Well Soon, See you soon.

Holiday: Thanks for Dinner, A+++ Sweet Potatoes, Thanks for Your Hospitality; Thanks for the Invite; Awesome Meal; Best T-Day Ever; You're a World Class Host; Loved Dinner; See You Next Year; My Turn Next Year; Loved the Wine; Best Thanksgiving Ever; Thanks for Dinner!

Other: You're Yam-tastic; Happy Sweet Sixteen; You aglaze me; Got Cinnamon?; butter me up; Congrats, It's a Girl, You Did It, Proud of You, So Proud, U R G8, Great Job, Awesome, The Best, A++, Well Done

Note: This item ships to U.S. destinations only. Sweet potatoes are fresh when sent. They are offered as a novelty, not as an edible food item. That being said, there is nothing wrong with them other than being written on (easily peeled). Item may include a small flyer inside. Let us know if you would like us to leave it out.

So, what are your sweet potatoes going to say?

Sweet Potato Messages

Each sweet potato has it’s own message written on it. Type them below (6 or 12 depending on your order). 25 character limit per sweet potato.

How many sweet potatoes? *

Choose from a six-pack or a dozen.

Custom Card Message

What would you like us to write inside the card? Please include your name if you want them to know it’s from you!

Card Upgrade

Want to upgrade to a full-sized greeting card with your message inside?

Add Glitter or Confetti to Card?

Do you want us to add sparkly glitter or confetti to the note card envelope so that it spills out when they open it? We can also turn a full-size card into a glitter bomb or confetti card so glitter/confetti will pop out for a fun surprise.

Special Requests?

Do you want anything special? Maybe some hearts drawn on a sweet potato – or smiley faces? Maybe an emoji in the card? Just let us know right here.

Add Funny Scratch-Off Ticket?

Do you want us to include a fake “winning” scratch-off lottery ticket with the card? It looks legit and the prize will be up to $50,000. They’ll have to read the small print on the back to find out that it’s a gag scratch-off card.

More fun add-ons

Choose some of these fun additions to your Funky Delivery!

Bouquet Theme

Ship Anonymously or Not?

If you choose to ship it anonymously, we will use one of our anonymous U.S. mailing addresses. We will not include any information about you inside or outside the package.