Send a custom Christmas card to someone you know or love. Funky Delivery cards offer fun options you won’t find anywhere else – and cards are shipped worldwide for as little as $3.50.

We customize and personalize each card to make it extra special. All Funky Delivery cards are hand-written – this includes your message inside the card, addresses on the envelope… everything. We also dress all of our cards up with cool USPS postage stamps and the perfect stickers to make the envelope scream to be opened.

We can also transform any card into a fun glitter bomb card – just like our world famous Original Glitter Bomb Card – so that colorful glitter will pop out when opened. Other options include gag gift cards, gag lottery tickets and more.

Finally, all cards offer the option of being shipped anonymously (mysterious fun!) or not (take credit!). Did we mention prices include free worldwide shipping? They do (insert your choice of smiley face here). So pick a card, any card, and send someone a Funky Delivery for Christmas!

Funky Delivery Christmas Cards

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