Send a custom, personalized Christmas card to someone you know or love. Funky Delivery cards offer fun options you won’t find anywhere else – and cards are shipped worldwide for as little as $3.50.

Some of the ways we make each card extra special.

  • your personal message is hand-written inside the card
  • special requests are always welcome
  • hand-written addresses on the envelope
  • we will draw things inside if you want – just ask!
  • decorated with the perfect stickers to make it scream to be opened.
  • dressed up with cool USPS postage stamps
  • Shipped anonymously (mysterious fun!) or not (take credit!).
  • customized with your choice of fun options, such as trading cards, fake scratch off tickets and more.
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Ship direct to the person or to yourself for hand-delivery
  • Upgrade to a glitter bomb or confetti card with choice of styles (pops out when opened).
  • All cards are premium and full-sized (5×7″ unless stated otherwise for specialty-sized cards).

Did we mention prices include fast, free worldwide shipping? They do. So pick a card, any card, and send someone a Funky Delivery for Christmas!

Funky Delivery Christmas Cards