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Custom Kindness Rock


We take a nice rock, hand-write your message on it with permanent marker and send it in a decorated envelope.

Package can be shipped from a mystery address or we can include your own address.

What do you want the rock to say? Think of the possibilities!

Suggested messages:

You Rock 🙂
Happy Birthday
Love (with hearts drawn on it)
You Rocked That Test
Our love is as solid as this rock
I Love You Sally
Merry Christmas
Happy Halloween Chuck!
U Got a Rock (Great for Halloween)
Your show rocked
Dave – you're as smart as this rock
Happy Anniversary
Have a rockin' new year.

There is a character limit of 40 (including spaces) and we can use abbreviations (ie: U instead of You). The size of this rock is about 3-inches long and 3-inches around.

Want to make this sparkle? You can add glitter and/or confetti. Want something drawn on it, like hearts, shamrocks, smiley, emoji or something? Let us know. We have other fun options to choose from – and shipping is free (US delivery only).

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Custom Message for Rock *

What message do you want written on this kindness rock? This item can include up to 40 characters, including spaces.

Make it Sparkle? *

Do you want us to wrap this super-cool rock in gift wrap along with a sparkling glitter and/or confetti so that it spills out when opened? Glitter mix includes both glitter and confetti. Confetti mix only includes easier-to-clean up confetti.

Add a Card?

Would you like to add a nice card with your message hand-written inside?

Fun Add-Ons

Cards will be in a clear card protector. Fake lottery tickets will have a “winning” prize up to $50k.