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Potato Bouquet


One of the most memorable things someone can get in the mail – and you can be the one to send it.

Your personal messages are hand-written on a bunch of beautiful potatoes, colorfully packaged and sent along with a nice card to your sweetheart, friend or family member.

Great as a romantic gift, a get well gift, birthday surprise, thank you, father's day – or just to let someone know you're thinking about them.

Roses shmozes… send potatoes! One-potato, two-potato, three-potato, more…

You do this and it will be talked about for a long, long time. Way longer than flowers. They'll last longer, too!

How does the Potato Bouquet work?

We pick out the nicest, freshest U.S. grown potatoes and hand-write your message on each potato using a non-toxic marker.

We wrap them all up together in colorful gift tissue paper.

We include a premium quality note card (in an envelope) along with your personal message hand-written inside the card.

We send it out fast via USPS Priority mail (1-3 day delivery time) and shipping is FREE.

It's a FUN and guaranteed attention getter. Definitely something to make someone feel special.

Here are some popular messages to write on each potato:
Potato Bouquet - Your Messages on Potatoes

I love you; U R a spud!; Luv You :); You + Me = Happy; Be mine; U R So Cute; XO XO XO; Real Love; True Love; Hug Me; Sure Love; Be True; My Girl; Let's Kiss; Too Cute; Je t'aime; Let's Dance; Cutie; My Baby; Dear One; Only You; Amore; You & Me; One I Love; It's Love; You're Spud-tacular; XOXOXO; I only have eyes for you; You look smashing; Roses Shmozes, You Got Potatoes!

Get well: Get Better, Feel Better, Thinking of You, Cheer Up, Hang in There, You Can Do It, Chin Up, Get Well Soon, See you soon.

Holiday: Thanks for Dinner, Great Spuds, A+++ Spuds, Smashing Potatoes, Thanks for Your Hospitality; Thanks for the Invite; Awesome Meal; Best T-Day Ever; You're a World Class Host; Loved Dinner; See You Next Year; My Turn Next Year; Loved the Wine; Best Thanksgiving Ever; Happy St. Patrick's Day; Happy Fathers Day; Happy Birthday, Make Vodka and call me; Thanks for Dinner!

Other: Congrats, It's a Boy, It's a Girl, You Did It, Proud of You, So Proud, U R G8, Great Job, Awesome, The Best, A++, Well Done

Note: This item ships to U.S. destinations only. Potatoes are fresh when sent. They are offered as a novelty, not as an edible food item. That being said, there is nothing wrong with them other than being written on (easily peeled). Item may include a small flyer inside. Let us know if you would like us to leave it out.

So, what are your potatoes going to say?

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