This is the place to find attention-getting, custom cards – including the world-famous Original Glitter Bomb , our popular Birthday Glitter Bomb Card and our fun Confetti Cards.

Funky Delivery Cards are perfect for anyone because you get to customize the message and they offer fun options you can’t find anywhere else. And guess what? We can also magically transform any of our cards into a fun glitter bomb card for added excitement.

All  cards are hand-written – which includes your personal message inside and the addresses on the envelope. We also decorate our cards with colorful stickers and cool USPS postage stamps to make the envelope scream to be opened.

Fun options include sports trading cards, Pokemon cards, fake scratch off lottery tickets, seed packets and more. Funky Delivery cards have lots of personality and will not be overlooked!

How about simple prank letters? Our Middle Finger Mail is very popular and we also offer a Glitter Bomb Letter and a WTF letter.

All cards offer the default option of being shipped anonymously (mysterious fun!) or you can opt to take credit. And remember – prices include free worldwide shipping. Send a custom card or letter to someone you know, like or love today…

Popular card categories: Birthday, Miss You, Love, Get Well, Thank You, Smiles and Encouragement, Graduation, Congratulations, Pop-Up, Glitter Bomb Cards, Confetti Cards.

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