Confetti Cards are great fun for everyone – and we offer the best selection of Confetti Cards anywhere. Confetti cards are also known as exploding confetti cards, confetti bomb cards and some people even call them glitter bombs (even though they are not made with glitter – see our Original Glitter Bomb Card).

Funky Delivery Confetti Cards are available for most major holidays and occasions, including kids and adult birthdays, graduation, congratulations, get well, retirement, Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving and many more. Plus, all of our regular cards include the option to convert it into a confetti card.

Our Confetti Cards are designed so colorful confetti pops out of the card when opened, revealing your custom message hand-written inside. We decorate the envelope, hand-write the mailing address, use colorful US postage stamps and send it anywhere in the world.

We also offer fun options you won’t find anywhere else, including sports trading cards, Pokemon cards, fake scratch off tickets, various shapes and types of confetti and more. All card prices include free shipping.