Whether you’re looking for a specialty or prank card – or just a custom, personalized card – Funky Delivery has you covered. What makes Funky Delivery birthday cards especially cool is that we offer options and features you won’t find anywhere else. This includes sports trading cards, Pokemon cards, flower seed packs and more.

ALL of our cards are hand-written, as are all of our envelopes. Envelopes are decorated with stickers that match the theme of your card (or based on your special request) –  and we use colorful USPS postage stamps to make your card even more eye-catching. All of our cards can be sent anonymously for added mystery or you can take credit by including your return address.

Also – you can turn ANY of our birthday cards into a fun Birthday Glitter Bomb Card or Confetti Card. That’s right, you’re only a few clicks away from making your card even more exciting by having glitter or confetti pop out when opened!

So send something memorable for someone’s birthday this year – like a surprising Birthday Glitter Bomb Card, a playful birthday card with a fake scratch-off lottery ticket inside, or a colorful card sent from a mysterious address.