Original Christmas Card Glitter Bomb
Christmas Card Glitter Bomb

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Deck the halls with lots of glitter! Spread good cheer – or grinchy jeers – with this epic Christmas card…

Perfect for people you like, love or loathe because you get to customize the message and type of glitter. Plus, it can be sent anonymously or you can take credit!

This is the Original Christmas Card Glitter Bomb, featuring a hand-written card, festive decorations and personality. And personality goes a long way.

Thanks to our ingenious breakaway compartment (not shown), glitter is specially loaded into a premium, full-size Christmas greeting card so it will pop out when opened.

This is not just an envelope with glitter poured into it. Glitter only comes out when the card is opened.

Surprise! A Christmas-colored cloud of sparkly glitter pops out all over the place. They'll be finding festive, glittery specks for days, weeks, maybe years. A reminder of the day they got glittered by someone with big-time Christmas spirit.
Christmas Card Glitter Bomb Sticker

What makes our Christmas Card Glitter Bomb so special?

  • We're sending actual Christmas cards! Premium, full-size Christmas cards.
  • Each Christmas glitter bomb is custom made to order.
  • We hand-write your personal message, up to 350 characters, inside the card. If you leave the custom message blank, we will write “You Got Glittered for Christmas!” in the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Sent anonymously from one of several U.S. postal addresses. They won't know who sent it when they open it. OR you can choose to take credit. It's up to you.
  • We use a mix of glitter types, sizes in festive, holiday colors.
  • You can choose larger, easier to clean up glitter. See photo for an example of LARGER glitter.
  • Glitter actually pops out when opened — this is not just an envelope or card with loose glitter poured in!
  • We use a colorful Christmas-themed postage stamp on the card (for U.S. addresses, international may have a funky USPS international stamp or mix of cool U.S. stamps).
  • Cards are 100% manufactured, printed and funkified in the USA.
  • We put nice Christmas stickers on the back of the envelope to make it look even more personal.
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping

Oh yeah, we're spreading glorious, glittery Christmas cheer. Rest assured, this will not be overlooked as junk mail. This will be enthusiastically opened!

Note: We also offer a Holiday Glitter Bomb Card (Season's Greetings & non-Christmas options).

It's Christmas Granddaughter - Christmas Cat Card
It’s Christmas, Granddaughter – Cute Little Kitty – Christmas Card
This is a fun way to send a greeting card. Funky Delivery greeting cards include your custom message hand-written inside, hand-written envelopes and festive stickers for that personal touch – plus we offer fun options you won't find anywhere else (like turning this into a festive Glitter Card).


It's Christmas, Granddaughter!


This cute little kitty
is coming your way
To bring hugs and kisses
on Christmas Day!


Product details

This bright, colorful card is sure to bring a smile to the face of the little girl who receives it. A smiling kitty cat, wearing a white fur coat with pink and green scarf, holds a wrapped Christmas gift as a group of birds sings around her. Inside the card, she'll find a loving message complete with hugs and kisses.


  • Premium 5″ x 7″, glossy, flat card.
  • Handwritten Custom Message inside.
  • Color envelope with handwritten addresses.
  • Includes Christmas holiday stickers on envelope.
  • Includes Christmas holiday themed USPS postage stamp(s).
  • Card is made and printed in the USA.
  • Includes FREE Shipping