Send a Potato Gram - Have a Spudtacular Birthday!
Send a Potato Gram

U.S. Shipping is still FREE.

Do something memorable… Send someone our official Potato Gram!

Take part in a viral internet sensation – the sending of a potato in the mail with your message written on it.

Sound crazy? Crazy awesome! This will be the talk of the home or office. Smashing idea!

Inspire. Celebrate. Motivate.

How it Works:

We'll pick out a nice, fresh U.S. grown potato, hand-write your message using a non-toxic marker, and send it to any U.S. postal address from one of our unlisted mailing addresses.

It's fun and a guaranteed attention getter. The only way they will know it's from you when they open it is if you include it in your message (or you tell them!).

You can also add a nice card with your message in it and/or kick it up a notch with sparkly, colorful glitter.

They will never forget the day they got a potato in the mail!

What's your spud going to say?

Happy Birthday!
You're such a spud!
Get off the couch, potato!
Congrats on the new spud
Let's get smashed :)
I only have eyes for you
I sent you a potato!
Eat me
Raw Vodka
I'm With Her :)
We all chipped in and got you a b-day present. This is it :)
Happy Spudiversary!
You are So Good Lookin'
Holy Potato, I Got You a Potato!
Thank You for…
You Are SpudTacular!

Prefer sweet potatoes? Send a Sweet Potato Gram instead. How about more spuds? Send our Potato Bouquet instead. A dozen potatoes, each with a message on it.

Note: This item ships FREE to U.S. destinations only. Although it is a real, fresh potato, it is offered as a novelty item and not for eating.

Photo of Sweet Potato Gram - You're Sweeter than This Potato
Sweet Potato Gram

Includes FREE Shipping!

Sweet on someone? Send them a sweet potato gram!

Want to brighten up someone's day? Send a sweet potato gram.

This is a fun twist on our popular Potato Gram and, let's face it, just about everyone loves sweet potatoes. They're the sweet potato of the potato world. Literally.

How it Works

Photo: You're So Sweet - Sweet Potato Gram
You're so sweet!

We pick a real, fresh, U.S. grown sweet potato and hand-write your personal message on it.

We wrap it in gift tissue wrap paper and send it, anonymously, anywhere in the U.S. The only way they will know it's from you when they open it is if you include it in your message or card.

Want them to know it's from you right away? No prob, just choose that option below and your address is used as the return address.

Our Sweet Potato Gram is fun and a guaranteed attention getter.  It's the most memorable thing they'll get all year. Seriously, they will never forget getting this in the mail.

Message Suggestions:

I yam so proud of you!
You are so sweet.
You're as sweet as this potato!
This is sweet and so are you.
I yam in luv with you.
I have officially given you a gift…
Happy Thanksgiving
How sweet it is to be loved by you.
I'm sweet on you.
You Got Glitter Yammed!
Sweet Potato! That's a lot of Glitter!
I think you're Yam-tastic.

*Note: This item ships to U.S. Destinations only. Item may contain branding message (ie: small flyer). Let us know if you want this removed.

Valentines Day Glitter Bomb
Valentine’s Day Glitter Bomb

Want to really surprise someone for Valentine's Day?

Send a custom Valentine's Day card that just screams to be opened — only to send a surprise poof of pink and red glitter when opened, revealing your own personal message.

Finally – a Valentine's Day card that will be remembered!

This little marvel works for someone you like or love because you get to customize the message, choose the card type and the type of glitter!

Don't be fooled by imitators – this is the Valentine's version of our original glitter bomb. It's a fun, premium quality card that spreads love – and glitter.

How does it work?

We load a mix of red and pink glitter into an ingeniuous break-away compartment inside a premium, full-sized Valentine's Day greeting card so it will pop out when opened.

Cards are mysteriously shipped from one of our unlisted addresses (or you can take credit using your own return address). The envelope is colorful and decorated with Valentine's themed stickers so it will be enthusiastically opened…

Poof! A colorful cloud of clingy, sparkly glitter pops out for a fun surprise. They may be finding little sparkly specks for days or weeks – a reminder of the Valentine's Day they got glittered by someone awesome (you).

What makes our Valentine's Day Glitter Bomb Card so special?

  • We're sending REAL Valentine's Day Greeting Cards.
  • Each Valentine's Day card is custom made to order.
  • Glitter actually pops out when the card is opened — this is not just an envelope with glitter poured in!
  • If you want us to go a little lighter on the glitter, you can choose that option.
  • We hand-write your personal message, up to 150 characters, inside the card. If you leave the custom message blank, we will write “Surprise – you got glittered for Valentine's Day!” in the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Can be sent anonymously from one of our unlisted U.S. postal addresses or you can take credit. If it's anonymous, we will not include your name or ours in or on the card or envelope.
  • We use a mix of glitter types, sizes and Valentine-themed colors and we don't skimp on the glitter unless you ask us to.
  • We use a colorful Valentine-themed stamp on the card (for U.S. addresses, international may be metered).
  • We put eye-catching Valentine's day themed stickers on the envelope for that personal touch. This will be enthusiastically opened and then – surprise!

Note: Card styles vary and may not be exactly as shown. Cards are nice, 5×7 size with colored envelopes. Want something bigger for V-day? Instead of flowers, send a Valentine’s Day Potato Bouquet (12 potatoes, each with your message on it).