We have put a lot of time and effort into creating effective methods for delivering glitter in a covert way that results in maximum surprise.

Annoyance Glitter Packaging
Beautifully wrapped, ingeniously disguised packaging for maximum fun.

Some of the products we offer here at FunkyDelivery.com offer the option for Glitter Packaging.

What this means is that we will carefully gift wrap the item in way so that when it is opened, colorful glitter will spill out everywhere – creating a nice sparkly mess.

Our Glitter Packaging option also allows you to select the type of wrapping paper you would like us to use, such as Christmas, Birthday or Classy.

Glitter Packaging all but guarantees the package will be opened and that it will be opened recklessly (for maximum effect).


Ship someone a potato that says “Ho, Ho, Ho” and have it shipped in Glitter Packaging.

Whatever the item is, Glitter Packaging insures maximum surprise and frivolity.