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2018 Special Person, Special Date Graduation Card


A fun, easy way to send a graduation card. Funky Delivery greeting cards include your custom message hand-written inside for that personal touch – plus we offer fun options you won't find anywhere else.


Special Person
Special Date…


…Special chance
to celebrate!

Congrats on Graduating

Product details

Let someone know how proud you are of them on this great accomplishment! This star-covered card for 2018 tells that special someone who just reached a goal that you're proudly thinking of them. Perfect for high school or college graduations This is definitely a card worth upgrading to a Glitter Bomb Card for that extra POP of excitement.


  • Premium 5″ x 7″, glossy, flat card.
  • Handwritten Custom Message inside.
  • Color envelope with handwritten addresses.
  • Includes fun congratulatory stickers on envelope.
  • Includes colorful USPS postage stamp(s).
  • Card is made and printed in the USA.
  • Printed on sustainably sources paper
  • Includes FREE Shipping

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