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Dad – You’ve Always Had What it Takes – Father’s Day Card


A memorable Father's Day card for a fun dad. Funky Delivery greeting cards include your custom message hand-written inside for that personal touch – plus we offer fun options you won't find anywhere else.


Dad, You've always had what it takes to be a great father!


… credit cards,
car keys,
a full refrigerator,
and a lot of patience!

Happy Father's Day!

Product details

The message is humorous, but the bottom line is that you're telling dad that he's a great father. And that's all a dad wants to hear. Want to make it more humorous? Let us turn it into a fun glitter bomb card. Dad like sports? Add a sports trading card and maybe you'll get a story about that play in that game that time…


  • Premium 5″ x 7″, glossy, flat card.
  • Handwritten Custom Message inside.
  • Color envelope with handwritten addresses.
  • Includes fun stickers on the envelope.
  • Includes colorful USPS postage stamp(s).
  • Card is made and printed in the USA.
  • Includes FREE worldwide Shipping

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