Kids Glitter Gram Card


The Kids Glitter Gram Card is a blast – Children of all ages love it!

For birthdays, congratulations, holidays or just for fun. It works for anything!

Thanks to our ingenious breakaway compartment, glitter actually pops out when opened — and it includes your own custom message hand-written inside.

Each glitter gram is customized to order. We hand-write your personal message inside the card. Cards are sent from a mysterious address (anonymous) or we can use your own return address. You choose the glitter or confetti type you want. Envelopes feature colorful U.S. postage stamp(s) and fun stickers to make them pop.

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Add Custom Message

Your personal message for the card.

Special Card Theme Options

Want us to use a special card for this kids glitter gram? If so, then check the box below.

Special Requests?

Let us know if you have any special requests. Whether it’s drawing something inside (like a big heart), trying to match a theme, or targeting a certain delivery day – we’ll try our best to do it.

Age of Child

This is optional, but providing an age can help us pick out the most appropriate card, especially if it’s for a birthday. If it is for a birthday, then put the age they’re about to become.

What Kind of Glitter or Confetti?

The standard mix is medium and large-sized glitter with fun confetti shapes added.

Favorite Something?

This is optional, but If there is something they’re into right now (ie: Star Wars, Iron Man, Princess, emojis), let us know. We have lots of different stickers. If we have something that fits, we will use it to decorate their envelope.

More Fun Add-ons

Customize your card with some of these fun add-ons. Pokemon, baseball, football, and other trading cards and a novelty scratch off ticket with a $5000-50,000 fake payoff.

Separate Envelope for Hand Delivery?

If you want this shipped to you in a separate envelope so you can hand it to someone, then choose this option. The envelope will be undecorated. This can be useful if you’re going to a party, but part of the fun for kids is getting a card in the mail from a mysterious address in a different city, state or country – which is why we recommend normal delivery.