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Merry Christmas Mommy – Christmas Card


An embossed Christmas card from a child to their mommy! The front features a heartwarming scene with a Christmas tree, stuffed bear, toy top and wrapped gifts. An angel, star, train and more decorate the tree. Make this even more special by adding some Merry Christmas confetti and mommy will smile from ear to ear when she opens it.

Funky Delivery greeting cards include your custom message hand-written inside, hand-written envelopes and festive stickers for that personal touch – plus we offer fun options you won't find anywhere else.


Merry Christmas Mommy


Just a little Christmas card
but coming with it, too,
are lots of love and wishes
because it's just for you!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas.


  • Premium 5″ x 7″, glossy, flat card.
  • Handwritten Custom Message inside.
  • Envelope with handwritten addresses.
  • Includes Christmas holiday stickers on envelope.
  • Includes Christmas holiday themed USPS postage stamp(s).
  • Card is Imported.
  • Includes FREE Shipping

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