Holiday Card Glitter Bomb


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Season's Glitterings!This is the ultimate holiday card. It's FUN and it works great for someone you love, like or loath because you get to customize the message and glitter mix. Plus, it can be sent anonymously or you can take credit!

A twist on our Original Glitter Bomb Card, this version features a holiday-themed card, festive decorations and lots of personality. And personality goes a long way.

Thanks to our ingenious breakaway compartment, glitter is specially loaded into a nice holiday greeting card so it will pop out when opened.

Poof! A holiday-colored cloud of clingy, sparkly glitter. What a mess! They'll be finding festive little sparkly specks for days, weeks, maybe longer. A glorious reminder of the year they got glittered by someone with amazing holiday spirit (yes, that would be you).

What makes our Holiday Card Glitter Bomb so great?

  • We're sending actual holiday greeting cards!
  • Each glitter bomb card is custom made to order.
  • We hand-write your personal message, up to 350 characters, inside the card. If you leave the custom message blank, we will write “You Got Glittered!” in the card.
  • All cards are manufactured, printed and funkified in the USA.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Sent anonymously from one of several U.S. postal addresses. Our name will not appear inside the card and yours will only appear if you include it in your message.
  • We use a mix of glitter types, sizes and festive, holiday colors (including extra-fine) and we don't skimp on the glitter.
  • You can opt for larger, easier to clean up glitter
  • Glitter actually pops out all over the place when opened — this is not just an envelope or card with loose glitter poured in!
  • We use a colorful holiday-themed stamp on the card (for U.S. addresses, international may be metered).
  • We put a nice holiday sticker on the back of the envelope to make it look even more personal.
  • Right now, worldwide shipping is free!

This will not be overlooked as junk mail – it will be enthusiastically opened!

So what's your card going to say? Get started below…

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Custom Message

Your personal message for the card – up to 200 characters.

Special Requests

Let us know if you have any special requests. Real people (that’s us) read this and we will do everything we can to make this special. Examples: Draw something inside (heart, emoji, holiday, etc) or add Stickers (Star Wars, Sports, Rainbow, etc).

Glitter Type

Choose the type of glitter you would like us to use.

Fun Add Ons

Customize your card with some of these fun add-ons. Pokemon, baseball, football and superhero cards include random new or classic cards (will be inside a card sleeve).

Add a Fake Lottery Ticket?

Ho Ho Holy Cow – did I just win $5000 dollars?! Fake scratch off lottery tickets have a prize amount between $5000 and $50,000, depending on the ticket. They won’t know it’s a fake until they read the small print on the back – most likely after they’ve run around screaming that they won!

Card Style

What type of holiday card would you like?

Hand Delivery

If you want this shipped to your address so you can deliver it yourself, then choose this option. We will ship it directly to you within another envelope.

Anonymous or Not?

Our standard practice is to use our private return address without any mention of you or us on the envelope – it’s anonymous. But you can also choose to take credit on the envelope so they know it’s from you.

Delay Shipping Option

Order today and we’ll wait to ship it until the date you choose below.