Glitter Letter Prank


This is the best deal you’ll find for a quality glitter bomb letter. 100% anonymous. Fast, worldwide, same-day shipping (Mon-Sat). Super easy to order.

We hand-write our standard message and specially package it with a bunch of glitter so that it spills everywhere and makes a mess when opened. The ultimate prank. Glitter Letters are packaged by our expert team of glitterers and sent anonymously to anywhere in the world.

100% Anonymous. The only way they’ll know you sent it is if you tell them (neither your name or ours will appear inside*).

Unlike some of our competitors, we use quality paper and envelopes. This is important because it helps conceal the glitter. Your delivery will also include a colorful stamp (for U.S. orders) and the mailing address will be hand written. This will NOT look like junk mail. A superior prank product for a superior prankster, and isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Standard Message:

You Got Glittered!

Notes: If you want to include your own message, check out our Custom Glitter Bomb Letter. We also offer our Original Glitter Bomb, Birthday Card Glitter Bombs, Christmas Card Glitter Bombs, and a Holiday Glitter Card Bombs. *See Terms & Conditions.