Dick Confetti Bomb Card


Our Dick Confetti Bomb provides epic, raunchy fun. Glittery penis-shaped confetti pops out of a fun card when opened to reveal your custom message hand-written inside.

Multiple card types with fun options to choose from, personalized style and fast, free worldwide shipping. Simply the best.

Free Worldwide Shipping - Funky Delivery

If you’re looking for a surprising, memorable card, then this is it. Great for birthdays, bachelorette parties, co-workers – you name it!

Thanks to our ingenious breakaway compartment, colorful dick-shaped confetti actually pops out when opened.

Poof! A colorful splash of dicks pops out all over the place.

Don’t be fooled by imitators! This is the real deal. The best Dick Confetti Bomb Card out there – and it’s delivered in a premium quality, full-sized card.

  • Fun options
  • Custom made to order.
  • Penis shaped Confetti pops out when opened.
  • We hand-write your personal message inside the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Sent anonymously from an unlisted U.S. postal address. We do not include your name or ours inside the card – BUT you can choose to include your address as the return address
  • You can add glitter or other confetti shapes.
  • Colorful U.S. postage stamp(s) on the envelope.
  • Colorful stickers on the envelope to make it look more personal. This will be enthusiastically opened!
  • Free worldwide shipping.

Note: We also offer other Glitter Bomb Cards and Letters. For the sake of secrecy, cards will not be exactly like the cards shown (styles/colors vary). This is intended for adults only.

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Add Your Custom Message

Card Theme

Include Glitter?

Special Requests?

Let us know if you have any special requests. Whether it’s drawing something inside (like a big heart, emoji or something even more creative), trying to match a theme, getting a certain sports team’s trading card, adding some other confetti shapes (hearts, happy birthdays, party hats, flamingos, unicorns, numbers, etc.) or targeting a certain delivery day – whatever it is, we’ll try our best to do it.

More Fun Add-ons

Customize your card with some of these fun add-ons. Individual trading cards, like Pokemon, sports and DC or Marvel superhero trading cards, include random new or classic cards and are sent in a protective card sleeve. Seed packs include veggie, herb or flower seeds to plant in pot or garden for a gift that keeps on giving. Scratch off ticket is a novelty lottery ticket – every one is a $5000-$50000 pretend winner. Good luck shamrock coins are gold-colored plastic. And yes – you can add more dicks.

Hand Delivery

If you want this shipped to your address so you can deliver it yourself, then choose this option.

Anonymous or Not?

Our standard practice is to use our private return address without any mention of you or us on the envelope – it’s anonymous. But you can also choose to take credit on the envelope so they know it’s from you (or show us some love by letting us include ours)

USPS Priority Mail Shipping Upgrade

Do you want to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail Shipping (2-3 days)? Our standard shipping method is USPS 1st class and we ship fast – within a business day or same day if ordered early enough. But if you want to track the shipment and/or make sure it gets there as fast as possible, then you can upgrade. This is the exact amount USPS charges.