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Thanksgiving Confetti Card


The fun Thanksgiving Card that everyone remembers getting!Free Worldwide Shipping - Funky Delivery This Thanksgiving card offers a festive way to welcome the holiday season!

A Thanksgiving memory everyone will enjoy! Great for friends, family, adults and kids because you get to customize the message and options.

Festive, Thanksgiving-themed confetti is specially loaded into a full-size, premium-quality Halloween greeting card so it will pop out when opened for a fun surprise. Confetti comes in various sizes and some of it is similar to glitter, only much larger so it’s very easy to cleanup.

They’ll always remember the time they got a confetti card for Thanksgiving – which means they’ll probably think of you every time they get a Thanksgiving card in the mail.

What makes our Thanksgiving Confetti Card so special?

  • We send real full-sized, premium Thanksgiving greeting cards!
  • Each card is custom made to order according to your specs.
  • We hand-write your personal message inside the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address on the envelope.
  • Sent anonymously from an unlisted address for extra mystery and surprise – OR you can take credit.
  • We use a festive mix of Thanksgiving and Autumn themed confetti
  • Confetti actually pops out when opened — this is not just an envelope with loose confetti poured in!
  • We use a colorful US postage stamp on the card (International may have a cool International stamp).
  • We put eye-catching Thanksgiving-themed stickers on the envelope to make it nice and personal.
  • Worldwide shipping is FREE!

This will not be overlooked as junk mail. This will be enthusiastically opened!

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