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Political Potato Gram


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Seems like it's election season all year long these days — so it's always a good time to let people know exactly what's on your mind! It's time to order up the original Political Potato Gram for that special someone.

Perfect for sending a positive message about your candidate — or a potato-based tongue lashing to that politically annoying person in your life.

How it works:

We pick out a nice, fresh U.S. grown potato, hand-write your message using a marker, and send it from one of our mysterious, unlisted mailing addresses to any U.S. postal address. It's hilarious and a guaranteed attention-getter. The only way they will know it's from you when they open it is if you include it in your message or note card.

Super Easy

1. Tell us the message you want on the spud
2. Choose your options
3. Tell us where to send it.
4. Checkout securely using Paypal.

* Note: This item ships to U.S. destinations only. See terms & conditions for details.

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