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When a Daughter and Her Family are Loved as Much as You – Christmas Card


This is a fun, easy way to send a greeting card. Funky Delivery greeting cards include your custom message hand-written inside for that personal touch – plus we offer fun options you won't find anywhere else (like turning this into a festive Glitter Card).


When a Daughter and her Family are loved as much as you…


They're wished
a world of happiness
each day the whole
year through!

Have a Great Christmas
and New Year

Product details

Red cardinals forage beside a farmer's fence while one cardinal rests atop a fence post. In the background, the farmer's snow covered red home, barn and silo complete the wintery scene as snowflakes fall from a twilight sky. With it's uniquely American artwork on the front, this card opens to a fully red interior and a thoughtful poem inside that celebrates Christmas and sends happy wishes for the coming year.


  • Premium 5″ x 7″, glossy, flat card.
  • Handwritten Custom Message inside.
  • Color envelope with handwritten addresses.
  • Includes Christmas holiday stickers on envelope.
  • Includes Christmas holiday themed USPS postage stamp(s).
  • Card is made and printed in the USA.
  • Includes FREE Shipping

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