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Mother’s Day Glitter Confetti Card


Want to really surprise mom for Mother’s Day?

The Original Mother’s Day Glitter Bomb Card offers fun options, mysterious postmarks, memorable additions and more. Surprise mom with a custom card for Mother’s Day that screams to be opened!

Our fun Mother’s Day card releases a colorful surprise – sparkly, love-themed confetti glitter and/or confetti when opened, along with your own personal message hand-written inside.

Finally – a Mother’s Day card that will be remembered forever!

Remember, you get to customize the message, choose the card type, personal add-ons and the type of confetti glitter!

Don’t be fooled by imitators – this is a loving Mother’s Day version of our world-famous original glitter bomb. It’s a fun, full-sized, premium quality greeting card that spreads love – and sparkly confetti.

How does it work?

We load a mix of love-themed glitter (reds, pinks, gold, XO’s and hearts) into an ingenious break-away compartment located inside a premium, full-sized Mother’s Day greeting card so it will come out only when opened. This is NOT shown in our photos for the sake of secrecy!

Cards are mysteriously shipped from one of our unlisted addresses (or you can take credit using your own return address). We decorate the envelope with stickers moms love (ie: hearts) – so it will be enthusiastically opened…

Mom may be finding little sparkly specks for days or weeks – a reminder of their most awesome family member (you!).

What makes our Mother’s Day Glitter Bomb Card so special?

  • We’re sending REAL, premium, full-sized 5×7-inch Mother’s Day Greeting Cards.
  • Each Mother’s Day card is custom made to order.
  • Glitter actually comes out when the card is opened — this is not just an envelope with glitter poured in!
  • If you want us to go a lighter on the glitter, or prefer larger confetti, then you can choose that option.
  • We hand-write your personal message, up to 350 characters, inside the card. If you leave the custom message blank, we will write “Surprise – you got glittered for Mother’s Day!” in the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Can be sent anonymously from one of our unlisted U.S. postal addresses or you can take credit. If it’s anonymous, we will not include your name or ours in or on the card or envelope.
  • We use a mix of glitter types, sizes and love-themed colors and we don’t skimp on the glitter unless you ask us to.
  • We use a colorful Mother’s Day or Love-themed stamp on the card.
  • We put eye-catching Mother’s day themed stickers on the envelope for that personal touch. This will be enthusiastically opened and then – surprise!

Note: Card styles vary and may not be exactly as shown.

In stock

Custom Message

Your personal message to be hand-written inside the card. Remember, the only way they will know this is from you is if you include your name here or you choose the “take credit” option. Otherwise it’s anonymous.

Glitter Type

Do you want us to use glitter or larger, easier to clean up confetti? Our glitter bomb mixes includes small glitter sizes plus some large confetti. Our confetti cards only use confetti (no small glitter). Our Mother’s Day mix includes colors of pinks and reds along with some hearts and xo’s.

Card Style

Give us a hand on the type of card we should send.

Special Requests?

Let us know if you have any special requests. Whether it’s drawing something inside (like a big heart, emoji or something even more creative), trying to match a theme, adding some other confetti shapes for a custom mix, or targeting a certain delivery day. Adding a sports card? Let us know which team would be preferred. We’ll try our best to do it.

Fun Add-ons

Customize your card with fun add-ons including. Trading cards (classic or new release Pokemon, baseball, basketball, football, superhero or villain, etc.). Seed packets are for planting in a pot or garden. Fake scratch off lottery tickets have a prize amount between $5000 and $50,000, depending on the ticket. They won’t know it’s a fake until they read the small print on the back – most likely after they’ve run around screaming that they won! Shamrock good luck coin is gold-colored plastic coin about 1.5-inch diameter.

Anonymous or Not?

Our standard practice is to use our private return address without any mention of you or us on the envelope – it’s anonymous. But you can also choose to take credit on the envelope so they know it’s from you.

Hand Delivery?

If you want this shipped directly to your address so you can deliver it yourself, then choose this option. It will be sent within another envelope to you.

Delayed Sending Option

Do you want this to be sent closer to Mother’s Day? No problem. Pick a mailing date below. It usually takes 2-4 business days for most U.S. addresses, 2-5 for Canada. 6-7 for UK and Australia.