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Halloween Candy Box – Scream Ghost Coffin


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Halloween is even sweeter when you get a fun, candy-stuffed box from someone you know or love in the mail. A wonderful Halloween treat for kids and adults, and the box will live on long after the candy is gone.

Our Halloween Coffin Candy Box has a spooky Scream-style ghost inside and comes STUFFED with a mix of premium quality, individually-wrapped candy. Candy selection includes Halloween-themed candy, such as eye balls, Skulls n Bones, Boogers, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers, root beer barrels, butterscotch hard candy and more. Something for everyone!

Includes a note card with your personal message hand-written inside. Upgrade to a full-size Halloween greeting card or add even more excitement with a Glitter Bomb Card for the ultimate Halloween surprise (a splash of colorful Halloween-colored glitter will pop out when the card is opened, revealing your message hand-written inside). Everything is decorated with fun Halloween stickers.

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Personal Message

What message would you like us to hand-write in the included note card? If you’re ordering for yourself, then let us know and Lila will write something interesting for you to read!

Upgrade to a Halloween Greeting Card?

Instead of a note card, let us include a premium, full-size Halloween greeting card along with your personal message hand-written inside in an envelope decorated with colorful Halloween stickers. OR kick it up a notch and let us transmogrify it into a fun Halloween glitter card (sparkly, Halloween-colored glitter will pop out of the card when opened to reveal your message).

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, like adding certain stickers (ie: Princess, Star Wars, Emoji) or drawing something inside (ie: hearts), then let us know and we’ll try our very best to do it.

More Fun Add-ons

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