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St. Patrick’s Day Potato Bouquet


Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by sending one of the most memorable things someone can get in the mail – a St. Patrick’s Day themed Potato Bouquet. Erin go Bragh!

This special Saint Patrick’s Day version of our Potato Bouquet is only available for a limited time, while supplies last. You can order now and choose immediate or delayed shipping (so it arrives closer to March 17th).

Your personal messages are hand-written on a bunch of beautiful potatoes, colorfully packaged with an Irish theme and sent along with a nice card to your sweetheart, friend or family member.

Great as a romantic gift – or just to let someone know you’re thinking about them. And yes, both ladies and gents love this!
Send a Potato Bouquet - Irish Theme
Roses shmozes… send potatoes!

You do this and it will be talked about for a long, long time.

How does the St. Patrick’s Day Potato Bouquet work?

We pick out the nicest, freshest potatoes and hand-write your message on each one using a non-toxic, marker.

We arrange them and wrap them in gift tissue paper (various green colors, shamrocks and/or Leprechauns).

We include a premium note card (in an envelope) along with your personal message hand-written inside the card.

There are a few extra options to add or change if you want (like glitter).

We send it FAST via USPS Priority mail (1-3 days) and shipping is FREE. You can also choose a specific mailing date so it arrives closer to March 17th.

It’s hilarious, surprising, fun and a guaranteed attention getter. Definitely something to make someone feel special.

I Only Have Eyes for You
Awww. Isn’t that nice?

Here are some popular messages to write on each potato:

I love you
Erin go Bragh
Erin go Braugh
Ireland Forever!
Luck o’ the Irish
Blarney Spud
Go Green
U R a spud!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Happy St. Paddy’s Day
Let’s get Smashed!
Stew Me
Future Stew
Irish Spud
Kiss Me I’m Irish
Pot o’ Gold
Where’s the Corned Beef?
Serve with Harp
Serve with Guinness
I only have eyes for you.
Luv You 🙂

You + Me = Happy
Be mine
U R So Cute
Real Love
Hug Me
My Girl
Let’s Kiss
Too Cute
Let’s Dance
Raw Poitin
Pot o’ Yukon Gold
For my Hungry Man
For my Couch Potato
Smash me!
Future Poitin

Note: This item ships to U.S. destinations only via USPS priority mail (1-3 days). Potatoes are fresh when sent. They are offered as a novelty, not as an edible food item. That being said, there is nothing wrong with them other than being written on with a non-toxic marker (easily peeled). Item may include a small flyer/insert inside. Let us know if you would like us to leave it out.

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