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Christmas Cookie Tin Stuffed with Real Coal


A festive, classic-style Christmas cookie tin stuffed with REAL coal along with a premium notecard with your message hand-written inside.

We're not just including a few nuggets of coal – each tin includes over 1-pound of real hard coal anthracite mined in the USA.

This is not charcoal, fake or plastic coal or candy coal. It is real coal that we hand-wash so it can be cleanly handled. Yes, it's pretty cool coal…

A fun Christmas joke for friends or family — or a less than subtle hint to that naughty person in your life. Whether you set it under the Christmas tree or you have it sent directly, it is memorable. They may think they'll find candy or cookies inside… but nope. Baby it's coal inside!

The durable, decorative tin is lined with colorful gift paper which, when unfolded, reveals lumps of coal.


  • Stuffed with almost 2-pounds of real U.S. coal (hard coal anthracite).
  • Tins are either 6.5-inch round x 3-inches tall or 7.5-inch x 4-inch rectangular.
  • Includes note card with your message hand-written inside. Note card is placed with the tin.
  • Shipping to USA addresses only.
  • Package is decorated with Christmas-themed stickers
  • Add-ons include premium cards, glitter bomb cards and more. Elf in photo is not included (optional add-on).

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