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Saint Patrick’s Day Glitter Bomb Card

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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by delivering an exciting blast of green and gold glitter to someone you know.

This special Saint Patrick's Day version of our Original Glitter Bomb is only available for a limited time, while supplies last. You can order now and choose immediate or delayed shipping (so it arrives closer to March 17th).
Erin Go Glitter Bomb! St. Patrick's Day Green Glitter Bomb
This is a FUN card for St. Patrick's Day – and it works great for anyone because you get to customize the message inside.

How does it work?

Thanks to our ingenious breakaway compartment, a mix of green and gold glitter is specially loaded into a festive, full-sized, premium Saint Patrick's Day greeting card so it POPS out when opened – only to reveal your personal message written inside.

Poof! A surprising cloud of sparkly glitter pops out all over the place. What a fun mess! They'll be finding little sparkly specks for days, weeks, maybe years. A reminder of the day they got glittered in the name of Saint Patrick by someone awesome (you!).

Don't be fooled by imitators. This is not just an envelope or card with glitter poured in. This is the real deal. The original.

What makes our Glitter Bomb so much better than copycats?

  • It's really a Saint Patrick's Day card! It's a full-sized (5×7), premium card sent in an eye-catching green envelope.
  • Glitter actually pops out when opened — it's not just an envelope with glitter poured in!
  • Each glitter bomb is custom made to order. By Leprechauns*.
  • We hand-write your personal message, up to 350 characters, inside the card. If you leave the custom message blank, we will write “You Got Glittered for St. Patrick's Day!” inside the card.
  • We hand-write the mailing address and return address
  • Sent anonymously from one of several unlisted U.S. postal addresses. They won't know who it's from when they open it and your name will not appear in or on the card unless you want it to.
  • We don't skimp on the glitter. Want less? Choose that option.
  • We use a colorful stamp on the card (for U.S. addresses, international may be metered).
  • We put cute, colorful St. Patrick's Day themed stickers on the back of each envelope to make it look even more personal. This will be enthusiastically opened!
  • Worldwide shipping is free!

Do you want to hand-deliver this card? Select that option below and we will send the card directly to YOU inside another envelope so you can see it get opened. We will just write Happy St. Patrick's Day on the envelope without any addresses.

Note:  Cards may not be exactly like the cards shown (styles vary to insure secrecy and max surprise). Photo shows green glitter, but we now use a mix of greens and gold. Want something bigger? Send a St. Patrick's Day Potato Bouquet.
* We're not really Leprechauns, but these really are custom made to order.

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