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Christmas Stocking with Real Coal


This is the REAL DEAL – Real Coal in a nice, big stocking and free U.S. shipping.

We merrily fill a plush, 13-inch, classic-style red with fluffy white cuff Christmas stocking with REAL coal. And not just a few nuggets of coal – TWO pounds of coal.

A fun Christmas joke for friends or family — or a less than subtle hint to that naughty person in your life.

Our standard packaging is intended for someone who orders it to give it to a friend or loved-one themselves.

We also offer the option for you to send it directly to that special, naughty person. The stocking will be gift-wrapped and packaging will include festive gift tissue paper inside and Christmas-themed decorations on the outside.


  • Each stocking is filled with more than 2-pounds of real coal (hard coal anthracite).
  • Christmas stocking is plush, 13-inch classic-style red with white cuff
  • Coal is hand-washed so it can be cleanly handled
  • Elf in photo is not included
  • Includes note card with your message hand-written inside.
  • Price includes FREE U.S. shipping via USPS Priority Mail
  • Package is decorated with Christmas-themed stickers
  • Add-ons include premium cards, glitter bomb cards and more.

In stock

Personal Message for Card

Your custom message to be hand-written inside the note card. You can also upgrade to bigger cards below.

Special Requests?

Would you like something special (ie: hearts drawn in the card) or maybe you prefer a different card theme (like birthday)? If so, let us know right here.

Card Upgrade?

Add sparkle and/or bump up to a full-size greeting card along with your personal message hand-written inside. Cards are in a decorated envelope. Glitter and confetti mixes include holiday-themed shapes, like Santa, Deer, Snowflakes, etc. Adding confetti to a note card or card means it will fall out when the card is removed from the envelope. For Glitter and Confetti Bomb Cards, it doesn’t pop out until the card itself is opened.

Fun Add-ons

Customize your card with some of these fun add-ons. Individual Pokemon, sports and DC or Marvel superhero trading cards include random new or classic cards and are sent in a protective card sleeve. Blank gift cards are actual store gift cards, such as Walmart, Dunkin’ or Target, that have no funds on them. If they try to use it during checkout, it will not work and they will have to pay another way or ditch their cart (a devilish prank). Seed packs include veggie, herb or flower seeds to plant in pot or garden. Fake scratch off lottery tickets have a prize amount between $5000 and $50,000, depending on the ticket. They won’t know it’s a fake until they read the small print on the back – most likely after they’ve run around screaming that they won!

Glitter Packaging?

Gift wrap along with festive glitter and confetti so that it spills out everywhere when they unwrap it?

Who Gets This?

We can ship it to you directly or we can ship it directly to that special person. If we ship it directly to that special person, it will include festive gift-tissue inside the package and the package will be decorated in a Christmas theme. The stocking will also be gift-wrapped in premium Christmas-themed wrapping paper.

Anonymous or Not?

Our standard practice is to use an unlisted return address without any mention of you or us on the package – it’s anonymous. But you can also choose to take credit on the package so they know it’s from you.