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Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Box


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Share the excitement of Valentine’s Day  with the classic Valentine’s Day Candy Gift Box from Funky Delivery.

Each beautiful box is STUFFED with your choice of sweeeeet candy.

A cute Valentine note card is included with your personal message hand-written inside and we decorate everything with fun Valentine’s Day paper and colorful stickers.

You can make this treat extra special by upgrading to a full-sized Valentine’s Day card. Or add to the excitement with a Valentine’s Day Glitter Bomb Card so Valentine-colored glitter will pop out when opened, revealing your message. A colorful poof of glitter to get their heart racing.

Ships to US destinations only via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days).

Pick a candy below and add any fun options you like and send something sweet to someone sweet.

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Personal Message

What message would you like us to hand-write in the included note card?

Candy Type

Upgrade to a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card? *

Instead of a note card, let us include a premium, full-size Valentine’s Day greeting card along with your personal message hand-written inside in an envelope decorated with colorful Valentine-themed stickers. OR kick it up a notch and let us transmogrify it into a fun Valentine’s Day glitter bomb card. Sparkly, Valentine-colored glitter will pop out of the card when opened to reveal your message (it’s not just an envelope filled with glitter – we have a special way of making it stay concealed until it’s opened).

More Fun Add-ons

Personalize your gift with some of these fun add-ons. Pokemon, baseball, football and superhero cards include random new or classic cards. Fake scratch off lottery tickets have a prize amount between $5000 and $50,000, depending on the ticket. They won’t know it’s a fake until they read the small print on the back – most likely after they’ve run around screaming that they won!

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Delay Shipping Option

Do you want this to be sent closer to Valentine’s Day? No problem. Pick a mailing date below. It takes 1-3 business days for most U.S. addresses,